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Manufacturer of Roll Forming Machinery, we have been committed to serve our clients for almost two decades. After many years working experiences in steel processing industry, we have developed our production line into roll forming machinery, steel slitting line, tube mill, sandwich panel production line. They are widely used in both commercial and residencial areas,

Medium Gauge Slitting Lines

Posted by RISHBIN CO., LTD on August 24 2018, 10:48am

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Medium Gauge Slitting Lines

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RISHBIN Medium Gauge Slitters is used to slit the big rolls into narrow rolls, and packaging it automatically. It works of max. thickness up to 10mm, max. width of up to 2200mm, and speed of up to 100 m/min. It consists of Decoiler with coil car, guiding & pinch device, medium gauge slitters, dual head/quick tooling change for the auto slitting machine is available, scrap winder, side-guiding device, looping, tension device, recoiler. Different materials could be suitable to be processed in the line, such as pre painted steel coil, cold rolled steel coil, hot rolled carbon steel coil, stainless steel coil, copper, brass, aluminum and titanium. These narrow coils/rolls are widely used in Steel Pipe Factory, Steel Structure Factory, Storage System Manufacturing Factory, combined with Roll Forming Machine, Power Punch Machine, Pipe Mills.

To help you achieve your own production capacity target, RISHBIN automatic slitting machine supplies many options, such as high speed slitting, medium speed slitting, etc. All slitters are easy to operate. They are very reliable, steady performers for both short and long terms running productions. 

  • The thickness can range from the thinnest down to 1.0 mm, to the thickest up to 10mm
  • Strip Width, from the narrowest 400 mm to the widest 2200 mm
  • Coils Weight, up to 35 tons
  • Line Speed, up to 100 m/min.
  • Operator Safety.
  • Highest Production Outcome
  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Working procedure of Medium Gauge Slitting Lines
In the beginning, the coil is loaded on the coil car by crane and brought to the uncoiler by operating the coil car. Coil car centralizes the coil with the uncoiler mandrel and the coil is mounted on the uncoiler. Mandrel is expanded. Snubber roll rotates the coil. Peeler breaks the straps and brings the pre end upto Pinch roll. The Pinch roll drives the coil end upto the slitter. Then its drive is disconnected. Slitter moves the slitted strips further. Slitted strips are threaded through loop table and drag tensioner into the recoiler drum. Recoiler winds one turn on loose coil.

Then drag tensioner and loop are put into operation. Slitter and recoiler run simultaneously in synchronization. As the coil build up, the recoiler rpm correspondingly goes down to keep desired constant line speed. This process goes on until the end of coil on uncoiler. The slitted coil is pushed on the exit coil car through a pusher plate operated by hydraulic cylinder. The side slitted scrap is wound on the scrap winder units provided on both sides of the slitter. 

Model No.

RS 1.0-6.0

RS 2.0-8.0

RS 3.0-10.0

Coil Material

CR Coils , HR Coils, S.S Steel Coils, GI Coils , AL Coils, Copper Coils  Picking Oil Coils

Coil Thickness




Line Speed




Coil Weight




Coil I.D




Coil O.D




Strip Width




Number of Strip




Slitting Accuracy




Blade shaft




Electrical Control System

PLC Automatic control

PLC Automatic control

PLC Automatic control

Customized slitting lines for every different kind of metal strip and in all required dimensions would be available.


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