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Manufacturer of Roll Forming Machinery, we have been committed to serve our clients for almost two decades. After many years working experiences in steel processing industry, we have developed our production line into roll forming machinery, steel slitting line, tube mill, sandwich panel production line. They are widely used in both commercial and residencial areas,

Medium Gauge Cut To Length Lines

Posted by RISHBIN CO., LTD on August 27 2018, 10:57am

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Medium Gauge Cut To Length Lines

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Cut To Length line is a high efficient metal processing production line for cutting metal flat sheet from metal coils. The metal coils unwind, leveled, cut to length and blanking. RISHBIN supply full range of cut to length line machine according to client’s special requirement by combining different component. Every CTL line is engineered and constructed differently for customers, it is customized designed and built, it is considered when choosing a right CTL line about some specifics like production capacity, running speed, material thickness and width, etc. Quality and standard checks are strictly performed on our product before releasing to our valued customers.

Available raw material for cut to length machine is hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, high tensile steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, alloys in cut to length line manufacturers.

Main Technical Parameters of Medium Gauge Cut To Length Lines

1.Coil properties: δs≤550MPa, δb≤600MPa
2.Coil thickness: 3mm-12mm
3.Coil width: Max. 2200mm
4.Coil I.D: 508 mm
5.Coil O.D: Max. 1800 mm
6.Coil weight: 30000 kg
7.Line speed: 0-30 m/min
8.Leveler shaft diameter: 180 mm
9.Leveler rollers quantity: 11
10.Cutting length: 800-12000 mm
11.Cutting rate: 12 pieces/min
12.Length tolerance: ±1 mm
13.Diagonal tolerance: ±2 mm
14.Straightening tolerance: ±2 mm/m2
15.Total power: about 200 KW
16.Total weight: about 70 T

RISHBIN, as one of the cut to length machine manufacturers, medium gauge cut-to-length lines are built for speed and ease of use and can produce higher line speeds without experiencing material slippage. Medium gauge lines are also capable of processing surface critical material without marking. Cut-To-Length Line and Blanking Line will make your job easier, cut costs, and increase your profits.

The lines can be supplied with start-stop shears, flying shears or continuous direct feed. Edge trimming may be incorporated.

Here is working process:

Steel coils are transferred by an entry coil car and loaded onto an uncoiler. From uncoiler the strip proceeds through a five-high precision leveler designed to level steel within the desired material gauge range and yield strength. The strip then proceeds through a squaring unit and precision roll-feed unit to the high speed shear, where it is cut to required length. The cut sheet then moves to float sheet stacker where it is stacked on a pallet and is then moved onto the semiautomatic packaging line for wrapping.


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